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Highest Quality

We strive for the highest quality to provide to your little buddy (or buddies).

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Unbeatable Service

We are a small family business and will stop at nothing to provide the highest service standards.

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Constant Love

Our entire team is not here for a job, we are here for the pets - it's what we love to do.

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24/7 Staff

We always have someone around to keep watch of our visitors. Also allows for special drop off and pick up times! Call for more information.

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Easy Grooming

Professional, Experienced, and Adoring Staff will always provide the best experience.

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Large Outdoors

Plenty of indoor, outdoor, and even personal space for your pet - whereever he wants to be.

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Who we are

At Pawliday Inn, our mission is to provide a friendly and welcoming environment where you feel comfortable dropping your pets off to play with other friendly pets. We strive to foster a social environment for both pets and their owners in the Dallas area. We strive to keep the pet owners at ease with custom updates on how their pet is doing. The Pawliday Inn does this by providing the best customer service in the pet industry and making sure every pet leaves a little happier than when they came in.

What people are saying about the Pawliday Inn

  • Was scared to leave my puppy in Dallas when I had to go out of town for a week... I get slight separation anxiety without her :) but I loved how the Pawliday Inn would text me pictures and videos of her whenever I asked! They loved her as much as I do and I am so happy I finally found a place where I feel safe leaving her while I travel. They are the only place that I have found that does customized updates!

    Clare Tokheim

  • ...I couldn't have been happier with the services they provided. Very punctual, friendly, and passionate about pets. From my first encounter with them on the phone to my last encounter with them I was completely satisfied and recommend them to everyone!!! They truly love pets and my dog has been asking me ever since to take another vacation to Dallas.

    Connor Whitman


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